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The news we read shapes the way we see the world. To get the full picture, we need quality journalism from a range of sources. But with more papers going behind a paywall and more clickbait served to us by social media algorithms, it’s becoming more expensive and more challenging for people to stay informed.

At Mogul News we want to offer a new way.

We want to make it easy for everyone to access the best journalism of the day, from a broad spectrum of respected newspapers and magazines - without additional paywalls. We want to help everyone see a fuller picture, leading to a smarter, more informed, less divided world.

Mogul News is a product of years of experience working at places like

Our team

Just like you, we are avid news readers. We are also tech, media and finance obsessives and are dedicated to using our skills and networks to make it easy and affordable for everyone to find, enjoy and support quality journalism. If what we’re doing excites you, we welcome you to join us.

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Rav Singh Sandhu


Rav founded The Market Mogul in 2014 after a successful career at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bain & Co.

The Market Mogul allowed thought leaders to share insights in finance, politics and current affairs. In 2017 he raised one of the most successful Crowdcube campaigns for a media company, before transforming The Market Mogul into Mogul News in order to bring quality journalism to even more people.

Rav featured on the list of Top 100 Asians in Tech in 2018 and is a passionate cyclist.

Mike Davies

Lead engineer

Mike has spent the last 20 years at Yahoo!, Amazon and LoveFilm leading teams and developing architecture. He’s been obsessed with improving the way we consume news ever since winning the Yahoo! news hack day.

He leads the development team at Mogul News and in his spare time is learning to play Chinese Chess.

Lina Balteanu

Head of Ops

Lina has spent the last decade structuring highly technical investment banking deals at Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse. She has also been immersed in the startup world as a mentor at Techstars and consultant at Yoyo Wallet.

She brings her financial and operational expertise to Mogul News. Lina is also a professional ballroom dancer.

Charlie Beckett

Editorial Advisor

Professor Charlie Beckett is the founding director of the LSE’s international journalism think-tank, Polis. He leads the LSE's Truth, Trust and Technology Commission into tackling the information crisis, and the Google News Initiative research project on Artificial Intelligence and Newsrooms around the world.

Charlie was a senior editor and film-maker at the BBC and ITN's Channel 4 News and is the author of two books on the future of news: "SuperMedia" and "Wikileaks: News In The Networked Era".