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Our mission

To build a single, trusted platform to connect readers to journalists and experts from all around the world.

Our vision

To empower everyone to understand our world and build a better future.

Our values

We dream big and are completely committed to making the world a better, more informed, place.

Mogul News will host content from some of the world’s top publishers alongside exclusive original content providing all sides of the story. Everything will be available to users for one low monthly subscription. 

We have over 40,000 people signed up for early access already, as we build towards our 2019 launch.

Old news

Costly subscriptions, full of editorial bias and ads.

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Mogul News

Clean, ad-free reading experience, including news from the world’s leading publishers.

Our Team

Rav Singh Sandhu Mogul News

Rav Singh Sandhu

Founder & CEO

Having interned at Goldman Sachs, Rav went on to join JP Morgan and Bain - he is deeply passionate about making the world a better place by enabling everyone to consume high-quality news from all sides of the story.

Lina Balteanu Mogul News

Lina Balteanu

Head of Operations

Before joining Mogul News, Lina spent 10 years in investment banking at Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank, as well as being a mentor at Techstars and consultant to Yoyo Wallet.

Mike Davies Mogul News

Mike Davies

Lead Developer

Mike has 19 years of software development experience. His career has led him through a number of global brands. Starting at IBM, he moved onto Legal & General, Yahoo! UK and Amazon.

Fergus McKeown Mogul News

Fergus McKeown

Editorial Associate

Fergus has been editing books and articles for years. He has worked with translated fiction, academic monographs at Darf Publishers, MacMillan and Springer Nature.

Chris Marshall Mogul News

Chris Marshall

Business Analyst

Chris joined Mogul News after completing his Masters degree at UCL. He completed internships with Lloyds Banking Group and with Q5 Partners.

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