New Collection – AI & the future of work

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This week we look at how AI could change the future of work. Here’s a quick note from our editor about what we cover in this week’s Collection.

Revolutions affect how people have worked throughout history. The Industrial Revolution saw the start of machines and factories beginning in the early 19th century. Then, over the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Taylorism and Fordism introduced assembly lines and rapid industrialisation. Next came the Digital Revolution, which made computers commonplace. But a new revolution is coming. Growing out of the Digital Revolution, artificial intelligence could see our relationship with our jobs change once again.

Artificial intelligence promises to change the world. Dystopian movies like The Terminator and The Matrix show us a version of the future where humans are inferior. However, tech entrepreneurs today say that our world will be made better by AI. What will the future look like?

Explore how AI works and what the world could look like after the technology becomes widespread in this week’s Collection. Either for good or bad, only one thing is certain; AI will change the world.

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