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As a Mogul News ambassador, you’ll use your passion, creativity and hustle to help us spread the word about Mogul News, enabling more people to be better informed to change their world, and fight fake news and echo chambers in the process!

We’ll reward you for the impact you make in spreading the world about Mogul News, with money earned for each referral, access to exclusive events, limited edition merchandise and a year’s free Mogul News subscription!

As a change maker, you’ll inspire people to show them there’s a better way to understand the world, have fun and help build a positive movement.

Some of the rewards for being an Ambassador…

Earn money for spreading the word ?
For each person that signs up to Mogul News, we’ll reward you. There are bonuses depending on how many people you get to sign up to your Unique URL.

Make a positive impact ❤️
For each new annual subscription that’s bought, we’ll gift one to someone from a low – socio economic background, through our Get one, Gift one initiative. That means you’re helping empower even more people!

You’ll be part of our inner circle ✌️
Swing by our offices, get some coaching, attend team events and be part of Mogul News – after all, you’re working hard to help us grow! You’ll also get some cool limited edition merch. You’ll also help us test new features and product releases!

You’ll get an annual subscription to Mogul News ?
That’s a no brainer!

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