New Collection – After the election

By January 7, 2020 No Comments

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This week we look what this year holds in store for British politics. Here’s a quick note from our editor to tell you more.

Boris Johnson has returned from his Christmas holiday on the Caribbean island of Mustique. Parliament is ready to get back to business. And there is a lot of business to do in 2020. The late 2019 general election delivered a surprisingly large majority for the Conservatives. Now, Mr. Johnson has to put that to work.

The most pressing issue remains Brexit. On January 31, the UK will leave the continent-wide trading bloc – the first time a nation has left the club since its founding as the European Economic Community in 1957. But that is not all on the agenda.

Dominic Cummings, one of Boris Johnson’s main advisors, has plans to reorganise the Civil Service. And the spectre of the disintegration of the United Kingdom, with an independent Scotland ending the project, looms large.

Check out what politics in the UK might have in store for 2020 with ‘After the election’, the first Mogul News Collection of the year.

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