New Collection – Boris, Brexit & Britain

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This week we take a look at how Boris Johnson is handling Brexit. Here’s a quick note from our editor describing today’s “Boris, Brexit & Britain” Collection.

The countdown was on as soon as Boris Johnson became Prime Minister. From the moment he took control of 10 Downing Street, he had 99 days before Britain leaves the EU on October 31.

In the month since he has been head of the UK’s government, though, he has struck an increasingly hard line on the issue. With Parliament in recess, it looks more likely than not that Britain will exit the EU without a deal.

The pro-Remain factions in Westminster oppose this. There are challenges involved in Mr Johnson’s strategy – it could even lead to a constitutional crisis.

In this Collection, we explore Boris Johnson, his approach to Brexit, the crisis this could lead to and how the opposition is handling things.

Explore the government’s approach to Brexit and what obstacles lie in its way. After many delays and missed deadlines, it looks as if Britain will finally Brexit on October 31. See how it might get there.

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