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This week we look at the changing face of fashion. Here’s a quick note from our editor to tell you more.

Fashion has always driven business. From ancient trade routes that brought rare fabrics, cosmetics and jewels from one end of the world to the other, to the massive houses that dominate the runways today, fashion has always been a lucrative market. When you get it right.

It’s hard to forecast taste though. Recent trends, the rise of streetwear or athleisure for instance, have taken some major players by surprise. Others have flourished, predicting how people’s tastes will change and being positioned to take advantage of it.

The world of fashion is changing. Challenges from the internet and e-commerce are coming at a time when tastes seem to change faster and there are more styles than ever. How do you ensure that your ahead of the game?

Explore what it means to run a fashion empire in the 21st century, how technology is changing the business and how different businesses were able to respond and thrive in times of changing tastes and technology. Dive into the latest ‘Business of fashion’ Collection from Mogul News now.

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