New Collection – Central bankers: masters of the universe

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This week we look at the role central banks play in the world’s economy today. Here’s a quick summary of what’s waiting for you in the Mogul News app!

Central banks sit, well, at the centre of the financial system. They, therefore, control a country’s currency, the money supply and interest rates. Long looked on as functional managers of the economy, central banks are becoming an even larger part of public conversation.

Donald Trump tweets diatribes against the management of the Fed in the US. Similarly, Erdogan has replaced Turkey’s central bank governor to implement his own ideas.

Debate has turned to what central banks can do to support economic growth. While economies are still growing, many think that can’t last for long. If another crash happens, some think the tools used by the central banks in the 2007/8 financial crisis won’t be available to them.

In this Collection we explore these issues. We look at the state of the global financial system, what central banks are doing about and if they should change their approach. Start your 7-day free trial and explore ‘Central bankers: masters of the universe’ now!

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