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New Collection – China: The drowsy dragon?

By September 21, 2019 No Comments

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This week we examine China’s slowing economy. Here’s a quick note from our editor describing what is covered!

The beginning of the 21st century saw explosive growth in China. A once proud nation had emerged out of a century that saw it humiliated at the hands of world powers, fight a devastating war with Japan, and suffer disastrous economic policies under Mao with a new way forward.

The dragon was back, in the view of many Chinese, and ready to take its rightful place near the top of the world order.

The economic boom which has driven both China and the world economy forward looks to be ending soon. Double-digit growth rates are now a thing of the past.

And while it still enjoys growth well above the global average, it is facing trouble ahead. The trade war is the most immediate of these. However, foreign companies are also not investing as much in China, and the domestic property market is softening.

China has responded by looking to consumers and government investment to help offset these declines. Will that be enough? Or is this just a temporary blip? Find out in the latest Mogul News Collection ‘China: The drowsy dragon?’

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