New Collection – The future of sport

By October 12, 2019 No Comments

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Covering topics ranging from business and tech to global affairs and politics, they bring together handpicked articles offering insight and analysis in one place. This week we look at how the sporting industry might develop. Here’s a quick overview from our editor.

Sport is big business. Over the past few decades, lucrative TV deals and growing international audiences have catapulted different sports leagues into multibillion-dollar concerns. The National Football League in the USA alone brings in $12.5bn. The Premier League in England and Wales has revenues over $6.5bn.

Following in their footsteps, other sports want a piece of the pie. Regional sports, those enjoyed in limited areas of the world, like basketball or rugby are looking east to Asia in order to expand. Can they all win?

Sport is simple. There is a winner and there is a loser. But with the competition increasing for both fans’ attention and money, can one win without others losing out? The number of people watching TV, in the West at least, is falling as younger generations look to streaming services for entertainment instead.

Does this pose a risk to the growth of sports? Finally, sports are looking to encourage overlooked audiences, such as women, in order to keep on growing. Follow all these different strands and explore the latest Mogul News Collection ‘The future of sport’.

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