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This week, we take a look at how Satya Nadella turned Microsoft around. Here’s a quick note from our editor giving an overview of the “Nadella’s Microsoft” Collection (available in the Mogul News app now).

Microsoft is one of the original tech startups, back from the beginnings of the computer, born in 1975. It was there before Apple (just), Facebook, Amazon, and Google. It survived the dotcom bubble, antitrust lawsuits, and even the retirement of its founder Bill Gates. But all was not always healthy.

It had a reputation as a bully. It used its dominant position to undermine and crush competitors. But it was still overtaken by its competitors. As unsexy as Apple was cool. As backward as Amazon was innovative. It was the next IBM, suffering the slow decline of an earlier forward-thinking business.

Floundering, it appointed Satya Nadella as its CEO. He has spearheaded Microsoft’s revival and it now is the largest company in the world with a market capitalisation of over one trillion dollars.

How did he do it? What challenges did Microsoft face? And what does Microsoft’s turnaround have to teach other companies? Find out in now in this week’s Mogul News Collection!

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