New Collection – Modern Monarchy

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This week we look at the royal family in the United Kingdom. Here’s a quick note from our editor to tell you more.

England has been ruled by a monarch ever since it emerged from the age of the Vikings in the tenth century. From the reign of Aethelstan, the first King of the English, the throne has been fought over by Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans, Scottish, French and German nobles.

It has expanded its rule over the whole of Britain, the British Isles and then to an overseas Empire. Unlike many of its cousins in Europe, it managed to survive the ages of revolutions and republicanism.

The British monarchy in the 21st century nears its twelfth century of existence. Its recent survival has been based on a retreat from political power and reshaping itself as the symbolic figurehead of the nation. Now served by its longest-reigning incumbent, Queen Elizabeth II, the British monarchy must survive new challenges.

From the crucial question of the Queen’s place in politics to the recent scandal involving Prince Andrew, there are many challenges Elizabeth must deal with. Explore these issues and the woman who must face them in ‘Modern monarchy’, the newest Collection from Mogul News.

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