New Collection – Streaming wars

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This week we look at how new streaming services are trying to take on Netflix. Here’s a quick from our editor to tell you more!

Netflix reigns… for now. It is the both biggest and most successful streaming service in the world. Having eaten into television and cinema audiences, it now has over 100 million subscribers and it is still growing. In 2019, Netflix will spend around $15bn on both original and syndicated content in a bid to attract even more people to sign up.

Its success has attracted competitors. Amazon Prime Video is the biggest one for now. But in November two more services, backed by massive companies, will launch and try to overthrow Netflix.

On November 1, Apple will launch Apple TV+. Part of its pivot to subscription services, Apple’s new offering is an attempt to ween itself from over-reliance on falling iPhone sales. It has a budget of $6bn with prices starting at $5 a month. This is compared to $13 a month for Netflix’s most popular package.

Less than two weeks later, Disney+ will go live. Disney’s service will have a library of recent blockbusters such as Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will also include nostalgia-heavy movies from previous decades.

As the streaming wars start, explore what Apple, Disney and Netflix are doing to try and win and how the outcome may change the entertainment industry for good. All this and more in the latest Mogul News Collection, ‘Streaming wars’.

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