New Collection – WeWorking?

By September 28, 2019 No Comments

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This week we look at what’s going on at WeWork. Here’s a note from our editor to give you a quick introduction!

From a single office in New York less than a decade ago, WeWork has grown its office rental business to 836 locations. Its combination of hot-desking, kombucha and cool breakout spaces has fast become the image of work in modern life. But for all its successes, it has taken a battering over the past few weeks.

Adam Neumann promised to ‘elevate the world’s consciousness’. So far, that promise has fallen flat. He has only been able to sink the value of his company.

But what went wrong with the office rental start-up? From a $47bn valuation, it has slid over the past weeks. It has postponed its IPO, replaced its CEO and now is stopping growth, focusing instead of making its margins better.

How did it go from its early promise to a failed IPO? And what can be done to turn the company around? Find out in ‘WeWorking?’, the latest Collection from Mogul News.

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