New Collection – Deutsche Bank’s downfall

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This week we take a look at what went wrong at Deutsche Bank. Here’s a little sample of the kind of issues we explore in the Deutsche Bank Collection.

Deutsche Bank is older than Germany. Founded 149 years ago, just months before the unification of Germany, the venerable lender has become Germany’s biggest bank. However, while the German state enjoys a reputation as a stable economic juggernaut, the same can’t be said for Deutsche Bank.

It has been rocked by scandals in recent years. LIBOR, sanctions violations, money laundering and corruption have all made an impact. But strategy more than scandal is to blame for Deutsche’s poor performance. The upward slash of Deutsche’s logo represents ‘growth in a stable environment’. No changes to it are planned.

The German bank tried to go toe-to-toe with the massive investment banks of Wall Street. From 1989 it both chased growth and acquired other banks in multi-billion dollar deals. Profits rose but so did risks. And when the financial crisis hit, it hit Deutsche hard.

Now CEO Christian Sewing is refocusing it away from its investment banking arm. In this week’s Collection, we look at Deutsche’s recent past, see what went wrong and ask if this new plan will work in ‘Deutsche’s downfall’

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