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How Boris Johnson won through with brinkmanship and ‘love bombs’

After over three years of wrangling, it looks like the Brexit saga may be approaching the beginning of the end (or is that the end of the beginning?). Boris Johnson has successfully negotiated a new withdrawal agreement with the EU. Now comes the next hurdle; Parliament has to agree to it. Already there are fallings out. The DUP, once supporters of Mr Johnson and his minority government, have said they won’t back it. Expect a weekend of high political drama in SW1.


Donald Trump triggers a Turkish invasion and trashes the national interest

A ceasefire and planned withdrawal of Kurdish forces from the north Syrian frontier with Turkey has been brokered by the US. President Donald Trump unintentionally (or not) let the Turkish invasion go ahead when he withdrew American troops from the region. His abandonment of the Kurds, allies in defeating Islamic State, was widely criticised by both friend and foe in Washington D.C. Now that agreement with Turkey seems to give President Erdogan exactly what he wants. The ripples from this story will go on. 


Democratic debate: Rivals turn fire on new front runner Elizabeth Warren over healthcare

Lost in the foreign policy furore surrounding Trump, including the Ukraine scandal as well as what is going on in Syria, was a Democratic debate. There are many more planned before that party selects its nominee for the 2020 Presidential debate. Already three are way ahead of the rest of the pack. It was Elizabeth Warren who took the most heat in Ohio’s Tuesday debate over her plans for public healthcare. But she still could be the one to oust Trump. 


Why Facebook’s Libra might be a good thing

In Geneva on Monday, the group put together by Facebook to help it launch the Libra cryptocurrency met for the first time. It was light on numbers though, as payment processors like Visa, Mastercard and PayPal pulled out. Criticism has dogged the project ever since it was announced, with many people of putting even more data and power into the hands of Mark Zuckerberg. Planned for 2020, will Libra ever see the light of day?


Short sellers pile on Netflix as Disney and Apple competition looms

Netflix announced better than expected results. That was a welcome fillip as it prepares to battle two of the biggest companies in the world. Disney and Apple will each launch their own streaming services, undercutting Netflix on price in order to dominate the market. Netflix is being blasé about the whole thing,  expecting that it will make more people abandoned TV in favour of online streaming. It has 153m subscribers. Will that be enough to outlast both Apple and Disney?