A new way to understand the world

We are a group of readers, journalists, technologists and changemakers set on transforming the way we read about the world. We’re doing that in three ways. By making news more accessible, more constructive and more collaborative.

We’d love for you to join us.

More accessible

We want to make it easier and more affordable to access quality journalism. That means making sure our app is beautiful and easy to use, it means making it easy to sign up and cancel at any time, and it means giving you the best value while paying journalists fairly.

We’re called Mogul News because we believe everyone should be as informed as a mogul, whatever their budget. A monthly Mogul News subscription is £9.99 – about the price of a couple of round of drinks or a yoga class. We offer student and get-one-give-one packages to help more people access our content. The first week is free and you can cancel at any time.

More constructive

Scrolling through endless news updates teaches us very little. True understanding comes from articles that take a longer, broader view. We don’t publish stories just to grab your attention so we can advertise to you – that’s one of the reasons we don’t carry ads. We publish articles that help you see the world more clearly, that go behind the headlines to uncover underlying causes, that build knowledge and drive action.

More collaborative

We are building Mogul News with our members, for our members. Mogul is paid for by readers, not ads. A lot of our readers are our investors too. Our members suggest and test features, request stories and give constant feedback. We’re always listening so that we can keep making Mogul News better. Tell us what you think of Mogul News and find out what updates we’re working on at the moment with our app roadmap.