New Perspective – Killer Robots

By September 25, 2019 No Comments

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In this week’s Perspective, we look at what the future of war could look like. Here’s a quick note from our editor telling you all about it!

Major militaries around the world are developing autonomous robot soldiers. These killbots will be able to operate without human intervention, as emotionless, heartless killing machines.

AI is a blank slate, which anything can be written on. And while the US Department of Defense insists that humans will always make the decision to kill or not, will we eventually write rules that allow robots to kill people?

The future of warfare is difficult to predict. Millions died when generals underestimated the role of machine guns and industrialisation. But the ability to kill without putting your own soldiers at risk will be embraced by nations. It will change the face of warfare.

In this Perspective, we explore what these killer robots will look like, what impact they will have and whether AI can be taught ethics. Dive into ‘Killer robots’ now and make up your own mind!

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