We announced Mogul News in July and have made a great amount of headway over the summer, and today is special because we have something exciting in store for you. It is time to showcase our new logo, our new look, and the story behind it.

Why a new logo?

We didn’t change our logo just for fun… though it was a fun process. The previous logo no longer represented our mission and values, and so it was time for a change, especially since the logo showcased our state of transition as we evolved from The Market Mogul to Mogul News.

A logo is the first thing you see and remember about a brand. It’s more than just a pretty picture. It is the visual representation of what you believe in and what you stand for – your mission and vision. We wanted to make sure that our design captured what we’re truly about. This is something deeply important to us and we worked with our partners, Emakina, to make sure we were creating something we’re proud of that accurately and fully defines us.

What was the process?

It all started with a lot of brainstorming. We didn’t just think up random pictures and colours, instead, we focused on our understanding of the words and phrases that defined us. We needed to understand what Mogul News meant to our stakeholders and how that translated into the values of our team and company. As part of the process we spent time with our partners in Amsterdam, who ran us through a process they call Crazy 8, where we came up with eight designs in eight minutes, then picked our favourites, and refined those by doing it again… and again, and many times over.

The themes that crystalised as a result of this process were the following:

As a company, we connect readers, authors, and editors on a single platform in order to create the highest quality content from a diverse range of voices to be read across the globe. We want to do so in the most transparent way possible in order to restore trust in the media and provide you with the most important link to what’s happening in the world every day. We believe that everyone deserves access to more than one perspective on the world, so they can form a well-rounded understanding of the events surrounding them.

How did we incorporate those ideas into a design?

  • We started with triangles – three corners connected by a single shape the way we connect readers, authors, and editors on a single trusted platform.
  • Two overlapping triangles, one being an outline that reveals the other, showcase our value of transparency.
  • If you look closely enough, you will notice that the two triangles are actually speech bubbles, which encapsulates the idea of bringing together multiple perspectives.

Just like our mission, our logo transcends borders, nations, and languages, which is why we focused primarily on imagery rather than text. After all, we exist as a company to empower everyone to understand the world around us and build a better future. Mogul News isn’t just for me or just for you. It’s for everyone, everywhere.

With all that said, here is what the new Mogul News logo looks like…  

Visit our new homepage to find out more about Mogul News and what we’re building.

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