New Perspective – China’s struggling economy

By July 17, 2019 No Comments

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In this week’s Perspective, we look at China’s slowing and struggling economy. Here’s a quick summary of what’s waiting for you in the Mogul News app!

China in 1978 was a poor country. It had a GDP of $150bn, roughly the same size as the Netherlands, a country with only a fraction of its population. 1978 was the year Deng Xiaoping opened up the Chinese economy and sparked massive growth.

Agriculture was de-collectivised, foreign investment was allowed and people could start their own businesses. Its nominal GDP now sits at $12trn, just one place below the US. Since 1990, China has enjoyed consistently high growth rates. It has, therefore, become the engine for worldwide growth.

But China’s decades of growth is ending. Double-digit increases are a thing of the past. But what is bringing it down? Is Donald Trump’s trade war having an effect? Or do the problems come from closer to home? In this week’s Perspective, we take a look at China’s economy from different points of view, to give you a more rounded picture.

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