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New Perspective – Church Scandals

By October 16, 2019 No Comments

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In this week’s Perspective, we look at the scandals in the Catholic Church. Here’s a quick note from our editor providing an overview.

Francis I came in as a reforming Pope. There was a lot to do. Child abuse was only the most prominent and damaging scandal. Financial impropriety has made the Pope bring in an anti-Mafia prosecutor.

Set against this are the Church’s troubles to remain relevant in an increasingly secular world. Falling Mass attendances, falling numbers of vocations and a bureaucracy that moves slowly are all keeping the successor of St Peter up at night.

Pope Francis has led a PR blitz since being elected Christ’s vicar on earth. Controversial issues, such as the Church’s position on homosexuality and abortion, have been downplayed in favour of the Catholic doctrine of forgiveness and reconciliation.

However, maintaining the Church’s forward momentum may be harder. As it tries to escape the scandals of the past, a new civil war is simultaneously brewing in the college of cardinals. Will liberals reform the Church? Or will conservatives emerge victorious?

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