New Perspective – The death of the dollar?

By December 12, 2019 No Comments

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In this week’s Perspective, we look at the place of the dollar in the global economy. Here’s a quick note from our editor to tell you more!

The American greenback is an endangered species if you believe many of the prognosticators on Wall Street or in the City of London. Currency speculators are eager to pounce on what was once the undisputed king of currencies.

But they are joined by Donald Trump in the White House in wanting a weaker dollar. Added to this chorus of support are developing countries, with loans denominated in dollars, looking forward to lower repayments.

The death of the dollar has been long anticipated; has its time finally run out? Markets are hedging against it, but not hedging too much. And what will take its place at the centre of the global economic system?

Is the euro poised to enjoy its time in the sun? Or will the yuan take up the mantle? There are many reasons to suspect and welcome the downfall of the dollar – but will it happen?

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