New Perspective – May’s legacy

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In this week’s Perspective, we look at Theresa May on the day she leaves office. Here’s a quick summary of what’s waiting for you in the Mogul News app!

Theresa May held the position of Prime Minister for 3 years and 11 days. She became the leader of her party and her country after the resignation of David Cameron.

Her premiership, like none other since the Second World War, was defined by a single issue.

Brexit was what she was asked to deliver. She failed. Three times she tried to get her Withdrawal Agreement, which would see the UK leave the European Union, but three times it failed.

Finally, she was ousted from power by the Conservative party machine.

The reason for Theresa May’s downfall is easy to pinpoint. But what does her failure to deliver Brexit say about her as a politician? Was it an unmanageable situation or was there something she could have done?

In this Perspective, we look at how May was undone and whether it was just down to the situation she found herself in or if she did not have the skills needed to steer Britain through to a future outside of the EU.

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