New Collection – Pretend privacy

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This week we ask if privacy is dead. Here’s a quick note from our editor describing what we cover in this Collection!

They’re watching you. On your phone, in the street, they’re listening in when you’re at home. It isn’t oppressive governments or secret police that are watching anymore. Instead, it is private companies. The likes of Amazon, Google and Facebook control the things we do and use online. And they’re using that data to target us for adverts.

It is ironic that we now look to government, at the heart of so many privacy fears, to protect us from these prying firms. But in the 21st century, can we continue to pretend that privacy exists?

From tracking what we do online, to listening in through smart speakers and even identifying and following our faces when we are out in public, our private world is crumbling. The intrusion of technology into our lives has brought many benefits, but at what cost?

In this Collection we ask does privacy still exist? What are governments doing about it? And can we ever get away from a new era of surveillance?

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