Meet the readers: Sarah

By September 3, 2019 No Comments

Our community of Mogul News readers is growing exponentially. They’re all supporting our mission to create the best place to read about and understand the world, so we thought we’d get to know them a little better and find out how they read the news! This week, in our first “Meet the readers” post, we’re speaking to Sarah, a Management Consultant from the UK.

When do you like to read your news?

I catch up on everything that’s going on by reading a few short stories every weekday morning. Occasionally, I’ll have time for a longer, more in-depth article but this normally doesn’t happen! At the weekends, I quite often read a load of longer articles that cover topics in loads more detail. This is when I tend to read the Mogul News Collections, as I’m happy to set aside some time to read 3 or 4 articles on a particular topic.

Why is reading news important to you personally?

There are two main reasons. First, I’m keen to read about everything that’s going on so I can make well-informed investment decisions. Second, I guess I just like to be knowledgeable of world events, especially at the moment where it can be difficult to see past what’s happening in UK politics.

What should change in the news industry over the next few years?

I’ll keep this one short: honest and clear reporting that is not written for financial gain.

What do you think of the Mogul News morning briefings?

I absolutely LOVE them! They’re short and straight to the point, which is perfect during the commute or whilst grabbing a coffee before work. I’ll usually read them first thing (around 7am) and they usually only take me 5 minutes to get through.

Has Mogul News changed how you read the news?

Yes definitely. Previously, I would only read the BBC but it didn’t really have the financial and market insights that I needed from the likes of Bloomberg and FT. Having Mogul News, which offers a conglomerate of different publishers in the same place, has been really helpful to get different perspectives and navigate through new topics.

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