New Perspective – Responding to recession

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In this week’s Perspective, we look at how nations and industries might respond to a downturn. Here’s a quick note from our editor about what we’ve published this week.

What once was a whisper is now being heard loud and clear. Experts around the world are predicting an impending recession. Economies are slowing down, global barriers to trade are developing and the yield curve, with its supposedly divine foresight, has inverted.

A recession might be coming, but if people have heard the warnings then they have time to do things about it.

In this Perspective, take a look at what could spark the recession; whether it is a cold, hard look at the metrics that will trigger a downturn or spooked animal spirits that send markets galloping off a cliff.

See how software companies, giddy off a three-year-long surge, are handing their own impending decline and how national economies, with a special look at Germany, can handle the next crisis. Dive into ‘Responding to recession’ now!

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