It’s a paradox that with the abundance of information we have that it’s getting increasingly difficult, overwhelming and expensive to stay in the loop and know what’s going on in the world.

Mogul News is here to fix that.

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Mogul News will give you the best journalism from the world’s leading publishers in one place. This means you get multiple perspectives and the best coverage on what’s important and relevant to you, without the noise or overwhelm.

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We’ve been obsessed about creating a reading experience that’s designed for mobile, making it simpler and more enjoyable for you to read long form content with ease, with features to help you get more out of everything you read – because your time is important. Our daily summaries enable you to catch up on the important things you need to know by swiping through them each morning.

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Collections are expertly curated reading lists that will help you understand where we are and how we got here by digging deeper into important themes that shape our conversations, from whether we’re headed for another global recession to the how Apple has come to dominate.

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Everything we do is with you, our users in mind, from the features we roll out to make your experience more useful and engaging to how we think about our company as a whole. That means there will be no ads or clickbait, no other paywalls and no friction to getting the news that matters to you. And it means that your data is safe and will never be sold to advertisers, because, like you, we are passionate readers building a product we would want to use.

We are launching our beta at the end of February. Details of how to get involved will be revealed soon! We’re also looking to hire more people to join our team, so if you think you’d love to work with us, please check out our vacancies here.

It’s great to have you on our journey!

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