The story behind Mogul News

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Passion led us here

I wanted to take a moment and share with you the backstory behind Mogul News and why fixing some of the problems in news is so deeply important to me.

The problem

The lens with which we see the world is shaped by the news we consume. The news changes how we think about global events and local topics. It shifts how we respond to them. It is at the very centre of our daily conversations and everyday decisions. But there is a problem. Clickbait, fake news, echo chambers and class divides are long-running problems that have not yet been solved.

I experienced the power of these issues growing up in a working-class family in Birmingham. My dad would come home every day with a copy of The Sun tucked under his arm. He would explain what was going on in the world to me and my brother, using only The Sun as a reference. It was in the newspaper, so it had to be fact. Right?

It gave me a jaded and one-sided view of the world. I began a paper round, delivering newspapers all over the city. But the people in the big houses weren’t getting the Sun. They were getting the Guardian, the Telegraph, The Economist. Papers that my family couldn’t afford. I started reading those papers. Not only did reading them shift my whole perspective on the world, but it opened my eyes to a new class divide. A divide between those who could afford to pay for high-quality news and those who couldn’t.The lens with which I saw the world broadened. I fell in love with the markets. It was the purest representation of competing perspectives. Some people believed a share would go up; others thought it would go down. Both brought facts to the table and put their money on the line.

The early solution

I combined my passion for discovering the different perspectives on a story and finance by building a website called The Market Mogul. Being a cash-strapped University student, I had to learn code to build the site I wanted to read. I wanted a platform free from political and editorial bias, where readers were given both sides of the story and could escape the single-sided perspectives of the newspapers. The world will be a better place if people understand how the other side thinks.

The Market Mogul was everything to me. I thought about it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I cared for the readers and writers above all else.

Whilst I was fortunate to do stints at some phenomenal companies including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bain & Co, The Market Mogul came first. I’d wake up at 4 AM, review and publish all the content that had been submitted before going to work. The hours were long and tough, every week I spent hours on a plane, but it didn’t matter. I loved every second of working on The Market Mogul. When I had raised half the capital I needed for the business, I quit my job at Bain, to work on the business full time.

We grew a lot over the next couple of years. We soon had over 3,000 writers in our community and published over 8,000 articles. Throughout that time we kept our promise. We were reader-first. Our readers were our investors. They made our crowdfunding campaign one of the largest for a news media company.

The evolution

Over time The Market Mogul evolved into Mogul News. Mogul News is different from The Market Mogul, but it keeps that reader-first focus. It lets you read some of the best premium content from some of the world’s leading publishers. There are no other paywalls, no ads and no friction. All for 34p a day.

Mogul News was born from the idea that high-quality journalism should be accessible to all. People should have a place to read more than one perspective on a story and see how the other side think. All while being a place free from echo chambers and fake news.

Mogul News will always keep its focus on the reader. The reader will benefit from our features, which make sure they’re up to date with what’s going on in the world. Mogul News lets you dig deeper into stories. Some of the features on our roadmap include offline reading, highlighting interesting parts of an article, saving stories for later and curated collections that will make it easier than ever to make the news work for you.

We have a bold dream of enabling anyone anywhere to have access to relevant, high-quality journalism from multiple perspectives. It means a lot to me that you’re on the journey with us and together we can enable a broader, more informed lens with which we see the world around us.

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