The week in 5 quotes

By September 27, 2019 No Comments

It’s been a busy week. Politics, tech, and business have all had massive headlines over the past seven days. This momentous week moved quickly, but we’ve taken a look at five of the most interesting stories through the words of those involved in them.

1. U.K. court calls Johnson’s Parliament suspension ‘unlawful’

Tuesday was dominated by the news of the UK’s Supreme Court ruling. It found that Boris Johnson had unlawfully suspended Parliament and forced the Prime Minister to return early from New York as Parliament resumed on Wednesday. It was a big blow for Mr Johnson, but it could have been a lot worse.

2. Is the Trump-Ukraine call a ‘smoking gun’?

Another crisis, this time on the other side of the Atlantic. A whistleblower has implicated Donald Trump and the White House is a coverup after a call where the President appeared to promise favours in return for Ukraine investigating a political rival. The Donald Trump presidency has been beset by scandal from the very first day. But is this the one that could finally bring him down?

3. WeWork shows why some venture capitalists are in a world of make-believeOne leader who has been ousted is Adam Neumann of WeWork. The cult-like devotion that some founders can generate seems to be falling apart as Wall Street takes a dim view on the ubiquitous growth ahead of profits strategy. Poor behaviour that has been overlooked before is now being punished (see Uber). But can these start-ups continue to disrupt established companies without their charismatic leaders?

4. Bob Iger tears up Disney’s playbook for high-risk bet on streaming

Well, Disney is nearly ready to fight back against one of those disruptors. Their new streaming service will go toe-to-toe with Netflix. CEO Bob Iger has embraced some of the thinking that has powered his up-start start-up competitors to the top of their field. Subscription hell, having to manage monthly payments to a load of different services, may become a problem for consumers, but there could be other problems ahead for the tech and entertainment industries.

5. Is the tech bubble about to burst all over again?

A coming recession has long been predicted. A decade of growth has made many nervous that the downturn will hit soon. Not many people are predicting where it will start. The tech sector, with a growing list of failures to go public and poor performance once they do, is looked on with increasing scepticism. Will the bubble burst soon?

Next week is not looking like it will slow down. The news cycles will be dominated by Brexit and Donald Trump. Keep tuned to Mogul News to get your handpicked, curated list of the most important stories and avoid the overwhelm.