Visualising the news: Summer 2019

By September 9, 2019 No Comments

Every morning, Mogul News publishes briefing notes to keep all our subscribers up to speed with everything that’s happening in the world. We’ve looked back over all our briefings from the Summer and done some analysis to discover the most popular stories from the past 3 months.

Summer already feels like a long time ago.

As the no-deal Brexit fight dominates the news cycle and the weather continues to turn from bad to worse, it is hard to remember exactly what went on over the past months.

Our word cloud highlights what exactly went on.

Both sides of the pond have been busy

There is one thing, or perhaps one person, that dominates the news. It shouldn’t be a surprise who they are. Donald Trump, both as the President of the United States and a controversial figure, pops up again and again. ‘President’ had 137 mentions while ‘Trump’ came up 85 times. Conflict with Iran, racist tweets, mass shootings and Trade with China means that the leader of the free world is the most talked about person in the news.

That last one kicks off the next most discussed thing. ‘Deal’, brought up 73 times, refers to two things. The on-going trade feud with China, and whether a deal with the US can be reached, is one way it comes up. ‘Tariffs’, at 35, and ‘trade’, at 61, back this up. As does China, with 64 mentions.

The other story it relates to is the one currently dominating news in the UK. Brexit, with 58 mentions by the way, is one of those stories that just won’t go away. Now it looks like we will be talking about it until January 31 at least, and there will be considerable coverage after Britain does indeed Brexit.

…but that’s not the only thing that’s been happening

Hong Kong shows up 63 times, with nearly half a year of protests taking place against the encroachment of the central Chinese communist government. Iran also ranks highly, with 55 mentions. We also have quarter, growth, interest and rates high on our list reflecting our coverage of business and finance issues.

I am not surprised to see a lack of tech buzzwords on there. They differ from company to company, and we try to stay away from the jargon of industry, so the news is easier and quicker to understand. And I am assuming that the ‘prime’ refers to ‘minister’ rather than to Amazon.

What will Autumn bring?

While trends can’t be predicted, it is probably safe to say that President Trump and Brexit will continue to make headlines over the next month. Tensions with Iran will likely continue to make headlines. The situation in Hong Kong doesn’t look like it will go away soon either.

New trends may emerge as well. A long-predicted techlash may make its mark as well, with different government bodies in the US investigating Facebook, Google and Amazon, among others. The contest to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president will also likely speed up and this could be reflected in the news.